We are so excited about the first day of school!

Our morning assembly will begin at 8:00. The doors to the school will open at 7:30, but on the first couple of days we will open the doors a few minutes earlier. We have a very efficient drop off and pick up system, but on the first few days of school our times will be a little slow. Please bear with us as everyone gets accustomed to the routines. Please see the links at the bottom of this message for parking lot maps and videos.

Kindergarten parents, feel free to drive around the right side of the church and park in the grass near the playground. You can then walk to the front door of the school and walk your child directly to the kindergarten hallway. Mr Lott will be in the family room to greet you afterwards. Any parents wishing to walk children in may come to the family room for drop off. Parents will not be able to come into the gym.

If you were not able to pick up your dismissal cards during one of the meet the teacher nights, Mr. Lott will be at the school on Sunday from 12:00 – 1:00 or you may get them from the main office Monday morning. We will also have a table set up in the family room for medication drop off on Monday morning.  

All students in grades K-6 will be dropped off and picked up from the main doors of the front building. This also includes older siblings of students in K-6. Students in grades 7-12 will be dropped off and picked up from the rear building; please enter from Las Vegas Trail. We ask that you do not turn left when leaving the school on Las Vegas Trail.

We are continuing to work on changes with grades 7 – 12 schedules. All 9-12 grade students will go to room 113 in the D building as soon as they are on campus. All high school students will receive new schedules and remain in 113 until they are dismissed to go to their first period class at 7:55pm. All 7-8 students will receive new schedules at the end of morning assembly in the gym.   Our fantastic counselor will be working to balance class sizes the first days of school.

Here is a link to the parking lot map with the flow of traffic.


Entering the drive line


Following the cones


Here is a link to drone footage from a very windy day that shows a couple of rotations of the afternoon pickup in the front lot.


Thank you and we are looking forward to another successful year!

Your HPA Family