HPA Information

Welcome to the First Day


Welcome to the first day! I am looking forward to seeing everyone Monday morning! We will have a great day full of learning and fun. Please review the information below to help our first day run smoothly. Drop off and pick up may take a bit longer the first couple of days. I have scheduled all hands on deck to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

-Principal Lott

Morning Drop Off Line

Kindergarten parents will use the first entrance of the church parking lot from the 820 service road. There will be signs directing you to bypass the car line and drive behind the church to park in the grass near the playground. You can walk your kindergartner into the building where the teachers will greet you in the kinder hallway. You can either leave your child with his/her teacher or stay with us until 8:00, when the teachers will take all kinder students into the classrooms.

Vehicles with students in grades 1-5 will use the main entrance of the front building.

There is parking available and you may walk students into the building, however, the parking will be crowded on the first day. Please use the crosswalk, designated by cones, if you are walking your child into the family room. For the vehicle drop off line please use the first entrance of the church from the 820 access road. We will begin moving cars into the drop off zone at 7:30. Follow the cones and staff will direct you once you are near the drop off zone. Please remember no cell phone use in the car line.

Vehicles with students in grades 6 – 11 only will use the drive at the rear building. Use the entrance on Las Vegas Trail. Please remember this is a two-way drive so stay to the right. Students in grades 6 – 8 will report to the gym and students in grades 9 – 11 will report to room 113 in the rear building. Please only turn right onto Las Vegas Trail when exiting to ensure your safety.

Any vehicle with multiple grade levels, use the drop off location for the youngest child.

See the traffic flow map, click here.

Afternoon Pickup

Only vehicles with the orange name signs may use the pick up line. If you do not have your orange pick up card, please see Mrs. Frodin at the front desk with your driver’s license.

Vehicles picking up students in grades K – 5 will pick up at the front of the main building. Older siblings of these students will also exit at this same location. Use the first entrance in the church parking lot to enter the line. Follow the cones. This line will be two cars wide and you will be directed by a staff member once the line is in motion. Make sure to have your orange card visible on the driver’s side windshield inside the car. I highly recommend that you do not turn left at the stop sign at the 820 access road and Las Vegas Trail. Please take the extra two minutes to turn right and go to Silver Creek where you can turn right and then use the traffic signal to get onto southbound 820.

Walk up service for pick up will still be available this year for grades K-5. You may park and wait at the crosswalk with your orange card. A staff member will take your orange card and collect the students from inside. These students will be escorted through the crosswalk to the parent waiting area in the parking lot.

Vehicles picking up students in grades 6 – 11 will pick up at rear of the rear building. Use the entrance on Las Vegas Trail and we will direct you to the pick up zone. When leaving you may only turn right onto Las Vegas Trail.

If you have multiple grade levels, pick up at the location of the youngest child.

Please be patient during the first few days of pick up. We will improve our times dramatically each day as everyone becomes accustomed to the process. Maps of the traffic flow are posted on the website.

Solar Eclipse Activities

All grades have solar eclipse activities planned for students. For those students who do not have a permission slip on file we will be live streaming the eclipse from NASA’s website. This form is on the website in the forms section.  You may send it with your child, or by 10:00 am, email it to Kathy.Frodine@hpafortworth.com or bring it to Mrs. Frodin in the office.


Students in middle and high school will be able to see the counselor throughout the first few days for schedule concerns. Students who have a missing class period or an error will be the first priority. Please be patient as we work through changes.


Remember that you must provide a lunch for your child each day. We are happy to see parents and grandparents coming to eat lunch with students, but we will not begin this until the three-week mark. This will give us time to establish the procedures and establish routines with our students. Once this begins you will be able to make a reservation by emailing LunchRes@hpafortworth.com.